Case Study

Driving Trial at Point of Sale

Mobile Tour


Consider the Alternative

For a brand with little-to-no recognition, driving consideration with consumers in the saturated telecom industry is a tough task. With so many phones and plans to choose from, shoppers often default to a brand they know. ZTE needed to demonstrate that their phones provided both the features they wanted with the freedom to choose their own carrier.


Going Mobile with Mobile

The ZTE “Have You Heard?” mobile tour drove brand awareness at high-traffic consumer events and put product in-hand at the point of sale with value-minded consumers. Shoppers got to compare products (and prices) to the competition, demo features such as augmented reality, win prizes and receive exclusive offers for use in store. Not only did the program influence potential customers, it also strengthened relationships with retail partners across the tour.

The tour averaged 261 engagements per day


No Dropped Calls

We made connections with key retailers and customers alike during this extensive mobile tour.

38 Events in 29 Cities

Across the U.S. & Canada




Direct Engagements


Leads Captured

“I’ve never had a ZTE phone but with those prices and features, I’ll give ZTE a try.”

– Walmart Customer

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